Garbstore.ten x Reebok

Half store, Half-museum Space Design

September 2017 sees the opening of Garbstore.ten, a store created to celebrate a decade of the innovative British menswear brand, Garbstore. Set in the heart of London’s Seven Dials, space introduces a series of collaborative projects, events and rotating exhibitions. Then, now & future: Garbstore has had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspirational brands and designers over the last ten years and the opening of the anniversary store to pay homage to these relationships and create something exclusive and unique for our loyal customers and fresh faces alike.

In collaboration with Reebok and Garbstore, lead by Owner, Creative director Ian Paley, designed, produced and installed a series of graphics for Reebok mini-museum on the site through the year.

The intention of the design was to showcase and celebrate craftsmanship from heritage to innovation, old and new.