Petri(e) Inventory 64

Art and Design Curator of the very first issue of an annual fashion & culture magazine Petri(e) Inventory 64

The Petri(e) inventory 65, founded by Zadrian Smith in 2012, a global platform for creative expression inspired by Ray Petri a creator of the fashion house ‘Buffalo’ in the 80s.

Role and responsibility

Art and Design Curator – Self-initiated Work

Responsible for curation and design of brand identity and magazine design.


Commissioned by Zadrian Smith to create a visual identity and the first issue of an annual magazine which provided an unexpected viewpoint through thought-provoking journalism paralleled with powerful and emotional imagery.

The identity consisted of a hand-drawn logotype and its key visual element drew inspiration from one of the most known photographs of Felix Howard taken by Jamie Morgan and stylised by Ray Petri.

Petri(e) Inventory awarded as the winner for publishing at Creativepool Annual 2015.


Creative Director, Photographer, Copy Writer, Digital & Film Curator, Web Curator.