Deirdre Dyson

Exhibition Stand Design 2017-2020

Fine Artist Lady Deirdre Dyson has been designing contemporary carpets and rugs for over 20 years and each year produces a new themed collection. Using the finest, luxurious materials, Deirdre Dyson’s award-winning carpets and rugs are either hand-knotted in Nepal by Tibetan experts, practised in this ancient skill, or gun tufted here in the UK.

Role and responsibility

Exhibition Stand Design – Freelance

Deirdre Dyson came to me to ask if I could help elevate the exhibition stand design to complement her themed collection for 2017 by corroborating the story behind the making and showcasing the previous collections of her ideas and original sketches.


Instead of having an ordinal open space stand which you can often find at a trade fair, I have created a little museum of Deidre Dyson’s collections where visitors can enjoy the beautiful morphine videos of her sketches turning into hand-knotted rugs, which *are embedded into the centrepiece of *the table, and functions as storage units. The Stand worked very well as a little oasis in the middle of a very bright trade fair space, to accommodate her art of hand-knotted rugs and visitors could enjoy and explore the colours and textures of the hand-knotted rugs up close. Deidre Dyson’s team were blown away with the design as well as the impact on visitors, meaning that I have carried on designing the stand ever since.

Exhibition and Display